Nokia's Long Awaited  Amber update for its Lumia Windows Phone 8 based smartphone has finally started rolling. The Amber update is built upon the latest update for Windows Phone 8 from Microsoft with some exclusive features added by Nokia. The update will be applicable for current line of smartphone that includes the Nokia Lumia 920, 820, 720, 620, & 520.

The Amber update adds some new and improved features like Nokia Glance Screen with the standby clock and better imaging experience a new FM Radio player, improvemennts to Xbox Music and the default browser, Internet Explorer for Lumia users.

Nokia says  the delivery of update will vary by region, phone and operator, but the update for Lumia 620, 720, 820, & 920 will be available by end of September. Nokia started rolling of update for Lumia 920, 820, 521, 810, & 928 in US.

The biggest improvement with this update is to update the camera capabilities of phone that will now feature all new Nokia Smart Camera mode that allows users to take high quality images and also will offer ability to take ten shots at a time and edit with tools and also effects like Best Shot, Action Shot, and Motion Focus.And other addition is the Pro Camera App which was introduced in Lumia 1020 it will be rolled for Lumia 920, 9258 and 928.

Other features in the update includes flip to silence, double tap to unlock, storage check and faster maps update.Another feature is the Glance Screen that brings a clock to your screen when the phone is inactive, along with the battery indicators and also to show your mode of phone whether it is on silent or not or it is charging.Nokia says this update will be available for all Lumia Devices excluding Lumia 520 and 625 having small displays.

Amber update is biggest update for Windows Phone 8 since it is launched.