Logitech's 'Powershell' iPhone game controller leaked in trademark filing

When Apple first detailed iOS 7, it briefly hinted at support for gaming controllers. It also later discussed it with developers in documentation. It now appears that one of the first iPhone gamepad controllers is being developed by Logitech, and would be available under the product name, Powershell.

A render featuring the front and back of the Logitech gamepad, complete with an iPhone 5, was posted online by the notorious @evleaks through his Twitter account. This was followed up by another tweet, just a few days back, that said the device would be named Powershell.

Now, a trademark listing page on trademark and patent filing database Legalforce, for the same Logitech Powershell gaming controller has been spotted online.

The listing describes the device as an 'integrated game control device and battery pack for use with computers and digital electronic devices.' It was filed on 18 September by Logitech. The name Powershell definitely hints at the presence of a battery pack.

The render of the Logitech gamepad revealed a controller that allows the iPhone to fit inside it. In line with the controller diagrams that appeared in Apple's documentation, the controller includes shoulder buttons, a d-pad direction controller on the left and action buttons and a pause key on the right. The back has an opening to allow users to take pictures with the iPhone's camera, and a stylised 'G' branding.

Apple did not talk about game controllers when it unveiled the new iPhones and the new iPads, at its special events. It would be interesting to see how games developed keeping in mind these controllers drive forward the iPhone as a gaming device.

It was previously reported that according to Apple's guidelines for MFi game controllers (MFi is a licensing program to get the hardware components, tools, documentation, technical support, and certification logos needed to create electronic accessories that connect to iPod, iPhone, and iPad), game developers who offer support for game controllers would need to ensure that their games also work without them and that there's going to be a "Made for iPhone" branding for these controllers