Samsung develops 13-megapixel camera module for better low-light images, OIS

It looks like Samsung's next flagship phones will come with a much improved camera module, with the company officially revealing new camera technology for better low-light images and stabilization.

Samsung has announced (via TechOn) that it has developed a new camera module that features a 13-megapixel sensor, high-end optical image stabilisation and can shoot up to 8 times brighter images in the dark.

As per an official announcement, Samsung's new camera module's stabilisation feature corrects angular errors of up to 1.5-degrees, compared to correction of up to 0.7-degrees offered by most digital camera sensors available in the market.

In line with the latest trend of device makers boosting the low-light performance of smartphone cameras, Samsung says that the new camera has the capability to shoot images with eight times more brightness than Samsung's previous offerings.

Samsung also claims that the camera module consumes less power, so that the battery lasts much longer even with increased camera use.

The new camera module's dimensions are the same as existing modules, at 10.5x10.5x5.9mm. Samsung reportedly intends to begin volume production of the module in the first half of 2014 and is in negotiations with device makers.

It is highly likely we'll first see the camera module in Samsung's own 2014 flagship devices, the Galaxy S5 or the Note 4 (going by the current nomenclature).

OIS or optical image stabilisation corrects the shake that occurs while taking pictures because of wonky hands or if the user is moving leading to distortion in the images. Low-light image capture capability allows users to shoot accurate images in the dark as the camera sensor allows more light to enter resulting in brighter images. Current Samsung flagships take good quality pictures but they're not really known for low-light imaging and anti-shake capabilities.